Welcome to EDUTEC 2022

International Conference on Education and Technology (EDUTEC 2022)

March 12~13, 2022, Virtual Conference

Accepted Papers
Artificial Intelligence: Framework of Driving Triggers to Past, Present and Future Applications and Influencers of Industry Sector Adoption

Richard Fulton, Troy University, Diane Fulton, Clayton State University, Susan Kaplan, Modal Technology


To gain a sense of the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI), this research analyzes what has been done in the past, presently in the last decade and what is predicted for the next several decades. The paper will highlight the biggest changes in AIand give examples of how these technologies are applied in several key industry sectors along with influencers that can affect adoption speed. Lastly, the research examines the driving triggers such as cost, speed, accuracy, diversity/inclusion and interdisciplinary research/collaboration that propel AI into an essential transformative technology.


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Technology, Deep Learning, Robotics, Virtual Learning.